Create, customize and share maps with zero code.

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How Carta Works


Create a map

We're on a mission to make creating maps as easy as humanly possible. Starting a map is as simple selecting either a blank map or template (coming soon) and choosing where to center the map.


Add and style your data

Instantly, your map is ready for plotting points and highlighting boundaries. Unleash your creative side and style your map with colors, icons, spacing, typography and more. Everything is auto-saved and no coding skills required.


Share and embed

Share your map anywhere online with our instant map links or in the physical world with a QR code. In addition, you can also embed your map on your site with a simple copy/paste!


Every toggle, knob, checkbox, and color picker you'll ever need.

Maps are boring and customizing them is extremely difficult. Carta handles the hard stuff so you can just enjoy making it your own. Customize just about everything you want with an intuitive user interface.


It's more than a map, it is also your brand and your content.

Don't just settle for a custom marker on a map. Enrich your map with custom content and images. Carta gives you full control, allowing you to upload images, add links, directions and more.

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