Carta for festivals and local events.

In just minutes, Carta enables you to create and fully customize a map to align with your events' branding, add map points and share with attendees.

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Highlight points of interest for attendees.

Maps have been used by event organizers to highlight restroom locations, parking lots, routes, and local businesses. Carta maps can be embedded on event websites, emailed to attendees or texted to them.

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Private or Password Protected

Keep your maps completely private —or password protect them. Regardless, the choice is yours and privacy is taken seriously.

Customize Everything

Carta tries to put the power of design in your fingertips. Exposing all possible toggles, color pickers and sliders to let your creativity shine.

Locations & Boundaries

Adding markers to map is just the beginning. Carrta also allows you to add boundaries at the zip, county and state level. Backed by the latest Census/Tiger data, you can rely on accurate and precise geojson. Soon, Carta will allow you to even draw your own shapes on maps to create even more unique experiences.

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