Carta for travel & local influencers.

With Carta, you can easily organize your content, convert your followers, and diversify your income. Engage your audience by integrating Carta Maps into your blog posts, sharing them on social media, and driving traffic to your website.

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Engage with your followers.

Let's say goodbye to static lists! Your fans will more easily take action based on your location recommendations when you use a map. You can embed pictures, details, affiliate links and more to entice users to visit places that you recommend. Then you get data on how people are using and converting on those recommendations.

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Private or Password Protected

Keep your maps completely private —or password protect them. Regardless, the choice is yours and privacy is taken seriously.

Customize Everything

Carta tries to put the power of design in your fingertips. Exposing all possible toggles, color pickers and sliders to let your creativity shine.

Simple Fixed Pricing

You pay a simple fixed price for using the Carta itself. Mapbox provides a very generous free tier and we walk you through step by step instructions on how to get an API key. Soon, you will be able to use other providers like Mapbox and Open Street Maps.

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