Carta as a digital guidebook map for short term rentals.

Our interactive maps (accessible via QR code) are perfect for embedding in short term rental houses' electronic or physical guidebooks.

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Give your guests recommendations.

Most short-term rental visitors prefer to learn about the favorite local spots. Replace your PDF list of local hot spots with a digital map that guests can access on their mobile devices throughout their visit.

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Export Maps as Images

Need to add a customized map to a PDF or presentation? No worries, Carta allows you to export the map to a PNG.

Customize Everything

Carta tries to put the power of design in your fingertips. Exposing all possible toggles, color pickers and sliders to let your creativity shine.

Embed and Share Anywhere

No custom plugins and fancy coding required. Simply copy and paste our embed code onto your website. No website, no problem, Carta also provides a public link to all maps.

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