Carta for embedding and creating powerful store locators.

With our innovative store locator map technology, you can create a customized map to show all of your business locations or identify every store that carries your products.

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Help customers find your business.

Create a brand-aligned store locator to embed in your website or on social media platforms. Make it easy for fans to find your store locations. Customize the map with detailed descriptions for each store, allowing customers to find exactly what they're looking for!

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Customer First

Build maps with an intuitive user interface. Everything is easy and just "works".

Bulk CSV Import

Import up to 1000 locations at once with our CSV template and importer. Just provide an address and Carta will determine the correct lat/lng. Soon, you'll also be able to bulk import images!

Locations & Boundaries

Adding markers to map is just the beginning. Carrta also allows you to add boundaries at the zip, county and state level. Backed by the latest Census/Tiger data, you can rely on accurate and precise geojson. Soon, Carta will allow you to even draw your own shapes on maps to create even more unique experiences.

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